Honeywell HEPA Large Room Air Purifier, Black HPA200

We have also removed from this list many since-discontinued models we tested. In early fall 2020, a few reader comments and reviews showed up mentioning an imbalanced fan in the machine, which caused the whole unit to shake honeywell humidifier uncontrollably and, in some cases, led the fan to break. We asked Coway about this problem, and a spokesperson replied that Coway was aware of the issue and was working on strengthening the fans’ balancing mechanism.

Models that have the Energy Star rating will use less energy than comparable products.

Most air purifiers arrive with the filters installed—but they are also sealed in plastic wrappers. The HEPA filters should have an arrow or other marking to indicate the correct orientation. We appreciated some practical and user-friendly features we wouldn’t expect at this price.

Smaller purifiers tend to be less energy-efficient, but the Clorox is an exception, with lower long-term running costs than is typical for this size. A display shutoff and child lock on the controls make it easier to sleep near and suitable for nurseries and playrooms. A slightly pricier version of it is Alexa-enabled for remote or voice operation. Despite the name, this is strictly a small-room purifier, and in larger spaces, it doesn’t keep pace with our other picks. According to the EPA, air pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher than outside.

honeywell purifier

To replace the HEPA filter, wrap the pre-filter around the stackable drums (number of drums varies based on model).Lastly, reinstall the filter assembly, replace the end-cap, and insert locking mechanism, turning it clockwise. Finally, discard the used filter and plug the unit back honeywell air purifier into the power source to resume receiving clean, fresh air. I was also pleasantly surprised by how quiet this best air purifier is. Even on its highest setting, it’s no louder than my tower fan or furnace. The sound is also smooth and consistent, so it blends into the background.