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I’ve got to get on with my life, I suggest you do the same with yours. We are unable to ship to certain locations due to restrictions. kent electric bike If you have any questions, please reach out to customer service. Below is a breakdown of the abbreviated locations.

You came very close to making a fatal mistake and I want you to know just how close you came. I’m a believer in second chances, I hope you’ll make the most of this one. Know of a new mountain bike trail not listed here? Kent’s source of inspiration for his innovations came from years of mountain bike racing. In 1984, he finished 5th in the Nationals at Boulder, Colorado.

I’m retired, I have three perfectly good bikes and to be honest, one would really do just fine for the riding I’m doing these days. So it really hasn’t changed my life that much. Once a month, just as it’s getting dark, I hop on my bike and head for the hills. I said mostly healthy because I don’t think anybody thinks of broken collarbones or Alpha-gal Syndrome as healthy things. I’m the guy who broke his collarbone and my pal Nick is the one who got Alpha-gal Syndrome.

There’s a whole hell of a lot doctors don’t know. One night a few year ago I’m riding one of my favorite trails and a deer comes crashing out of the brush and slams into my front wheel. Right as we both go down a big gray dog jumps on the deer and tears its throat open. Because I’m an idiot, I try to smack the dog away and it takes a nip at me.

I did have to swap a big spacer on the rear wheel from the drive to non-drive side and re-dish the wheel. There were just enough threads on the spokes to do this. I also replaced the flimsy rubber rim strip with a double layer of gorilla tape and I repacked both the front and rear hubs and trued both wheels. The Schwinn World Sport was a not fancy but decent sport touring bike of it’s day. The lugged frame was made in Taiwan for Schwinn and the main triangle is 4130 ChromeMoly tubing. The internet help me decode the bike’s serial number and told me that it was made in 1984.

The dealer sticker told me that the bike had originally been sold by Stewart’s Wheel Goods, just over the bridge in Duluth. I decided to bring the deer head and leave this note as warning. Except last night, I stopped at a 7-11 on my way out of town. I was thirsty and stopped in for a root-beer.

Slow-taxation is accomplished with sure stopping front and rear linear pull handbrakes. Fat knobby tires provide grippy traction and high-profile wheels with machined braking surfaces keep the ride straight and true. When the journey gets long, you’ll be happy for the Vitesse padded saddle and easily adjusted seat height with no tools required via the quick release seat post clamp. Around the neighborhood or on the trail, the Flexor has got a handle on it providing you with a good workout and a smile. The KZR from Kent bicycles is a no-nonsense hardtail mountain bike with all the features you need for street and trail. Custom oversized aluminum frame with a Vitesse suspension fork.

In the past ten years, Kent has been a top-ten finisher in the Colorado Off-Road Point Series, finishing second in 1994. In 1986, Kent’s futuristic thinking guided him to develop rear suspension for his bikes called YBB (Why Be Beat). So simple in its design and effective that in 1995 Hall of Famer, Tom Ritchey, started incorporating Kent’s design and parts on his top-of-the-line XC bikes. They can be toggled to either flash or constant lighting of red or white LEDs and they come with a little rubber mounting strap. They are quite small and I mounted one on the back of my helmet and a couple of more on the back of a couple of my bikes.

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The two pictures above show my first cut at customisation. The mirror, the bell, the light, the yellow cable housing, the bar tape and the Jandd frame bag were all things I had in my bike shed. I really wanted to make the bike into a fixed gear, but it turned out the one thing I didn’t have in my parts stash was a fixed cog. You’ve got a problem that I don’t have and I’m sure that’s a bitch, but dude, I suggest you stop stealing bikes. Folks tend to be quite attached to their wheels and not everybody has as much practice keeping their rage in check as I do.

Anyhow, Alpha-gal Syndrome is a weird-ass disease. No shit, something changed in his blood chemistry and now he can’t eat meat. I thought it was about the damnedest thing that could happen to somebody. And then I got bit by something that makes Nick’s dietary restrictions look like nothing.