OHM Pipe Tobacco For Sale The Lowest Prices on Quality Tobacco

Manufactured in the USA, OHM Pipe Tobacco offers some of the strongest and boldest flavors any pipe enthusiast can experience. Not only is it durable, but it also features the innovative “Fresh-Loc” seal, which ensures that your smoke stays as fresh as the day you opened it. With , you get quality tobacco products from The Inter-Continental Trading Company based in the USA that you can trust. OHM Tobacco implements a carefully cultivated blend of grade-A ribbon-cut Virginia whole-leaf tobacco. After being picked at the peak of perfection, these leaves are refined and cured to maintain their natural flavor profile.

Each tobacco bag and every filtered cigar is packed with the finest American-grown tobacco available. Each bag is made from thick, tear-resistant plastic to ensure that your tobacco is as fresh as the day it was packed. You can purchase 1oz, 6oz, 8oz, or 16oz pouches of OHM pipe tobacco, depending on how much you smoke during the day and how familiar you are with OHM. If you’ve never tried their tobacco, you may want to order a small bag first just to see how you enjoy it. To ensure freshness and consistency, OHM pipe tobacco is available in various flavors and sizes-5 lb, 16 oz, 8 oz, 6 oz, and 1oz-all packaged in a Fresh-Loc re-sealable bag. To optimize freshness and quality preservation, each bag is stitched with a Fresh-Loc zipper.

OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco has a strong tobacco flavor, rendering a full bodied profile that leaves behind a pronounced room note. OHM pipe tobacco is cut coarse to promote an even burn, this product is made of the finest combination of Burley and Virginia tobaccos. Stuffed into 1oz, 6oz, 8oz, 16oz and 5lb resealable bags, OHM promises the preservation of quality and freshness long after the bag has been opened. Designed for the one who wishes to reinvigorate their senses, the legendary OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco is minty goodness that delivers natural tobacco flavors with an extra kick. Mediating between medium-bodied and full-bodied flavors, this product packs a punch that the senses desire to experience. A cool, soothing rush is never short of what this OHM goodness offers.

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OHM Extra Bold takes an already rich tobacco blend and kicks things up a notch! Loaded with Virginia flue-cured and Kentucky Burley tobacco flavors, you’ll experience satisfaction like no other. Each draw is smooth, with chocolatey top notes, rich warm tobacco mid notes, and a deeply satisfying velvety exhale.

F & F WHOLESALE is dedicated to promoting the growth of the tobacco industry by providing quality products to retailers and wholesalers across the country. Our business grew from the top-o-matic cigarette machine small Smoker’s Outlet retail store established by the founder’s father. However, as an additional recipe that adds to the concoction, some blends also include Turkish tobacco.

OHM offers a wide array of flavors you’re sure to enjoy, including Extra Bold, Bold, Blue, Menthol, Menthol Gold, Silver, Natural, Turkish Red, and Turkish Yellow. Each bag is packed full of America’s finest tobacco leaves dried, aged, and cut to absolute perfection. Enjoy your OHM Pipe Tobacco anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. OHM Pipe Tobacco is comprised of American-grown quality tobacco like Burley and Virginia, with the exception of both Turkish blends, which contain Turkish-grown tobacco.