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When you grow up riding something as standard as a classic Schwinn bike, trying an electric bike can feel somewhere in between exciting and nerve-wracking. Our blog is coming in hot with a play by play on how exactly you ride an e-bike. Once you get on your e-bike, hold down the power button for 2 seconds schwinn dealers to turn it on. Press the up arrow to choose the level of pedal assist you want. You can easily increase your assistance level when you feel more comfortable using the PAS and want to try riding longer distances or going uphill. It’s no secret that electric bikes are becoming more popular every day.

As Upway is a brand new business in the US, we are only required to charge sales taxes as from a determined level of revenue collected per state. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to  or via our chat. I understand that I’m a big guy, and I’m also about 50 pounds over the maximum advertised weight for this bike. I was probably never going to get 35 miles out of this or any other bike. That being said, I also didn’t get much extra range beyond miles, even after I set the pedal-assist at level 3. In the past, the range you got depended on how much work you were willing to put into it.

Make sure you document the key serial number as well in case you ever need a replacement. It’s still lower than many mountain bikes making it easier to get on and off, especially on awkward spots on the trail. A small, easy to use console is on the left side of the handlebar. It’s got 3 buttons, up down and a power/enter button in the middle. There’s a port in the side of the frame where you can charge it without removing, or you can use the keys to pull out battery and charge separately.

E-biking is very powerful and addictive, and it has ruined traditional cycling for me, and I can’t decide if that’s a good thing. So, while my doctor, my therapist, and I all unpack that, this is my full review of the Coston CE e-bike from Schwinn. What makes me excited about the bike is the possibilities that it opens up, but like a lot of aspects of this bike, it’s something of a double-edged sword. Electric bikes are a ton of fun and I’ve had a great time this summer riding them.

They really thought out the balance, accessories and drive modes to make it simple and practical to use. The price was great and the components were built to endure. I like that they included little things like water bottle mounting points that so many ebikes skip (in part due to midframe batteries). The suspension isn’t top of the line and doesn’t include lockout but it definitely smoothes out the ride and the adjustability of the stem and handlebars is wonderful. The motor driving this bike offers 180 watts nominal power and up to 250 watts peak. It’s a planetary geared design by Protanium and it offers good torque while keeping weight down.

Schwinn has been a staple cycling brand for over 125 years. They’ve been key innovators in racing cycles, road bikes, and the subject of today’s list, e-bikes. The 250 watt motor could be bigger for this bike to use the throttle regularly and give a better boost on hills.

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Coston CE e-bike is that is built like a tank, which is both good and bad. It’s good because everything on the bike feels solid and borderline rugged. The downside is this bike feels about as heavy as a light-armored vehicle. The bike tops out at around 57 pounds, which is tank-like in the biking world. By comparison, my poor, neglected Trek bike weighs around 25 pounds. That’s a big difference when you’re picking up the bike to turn it around or put it on a car rack.

Putting the Marshall together takes about 30 minutes and isn’t difficult. It might take you a bit longer if you aren’t familiar with ebikes. The middle power/enter button turns the bike on while holding it.

The bike was provided by Schwinn for the purposes of the review. With just 288 Wh of capacity, the battery surprised me, and not in a good way. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of e-bikes with 288 Wh batteries before. It’s just that they’re usually on smaller, lightweight e-bikes schwinn ebike that push the needle considerably less on the scale. Electric bikes put extra power behind every pedal so you can ride farther, take on bigger hills, and enjoy cycling more than ever before. Your e-bike comes with a battery, a charger, and a charging cord.