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People who did like it tended to have smaller body types, so if you find that other camping chairs are too big for you, the Skyward might be a good fit. At a little over 7 pounds, it’s also the lightest traditional chair we tested—but it had the lowest weight capacity (250 pounds). It’s currently low in stock, ozark trail canopy but REI tells us this chair will be widely available again over the summer. This Mac Sports wagon folds up to about the same size as the beach-wagon version of the Mac Sports. But because of how tightly this one folds, it seems more compact and easy to carry than any of the other wagons we tested.

In fall 2023, we asked a panel of paid testers with a wide range of body types, dexterities, and mobilities to examine our picks and other camping chairs and to share their perspectives. These portable chairs are great for camping, sporting events, and backyard BBQs. Plus, they fold up nicely and include convenient carrying cases for easy transport and storage. You have a cart started for DG Pickup, but this store doesn’t offer this service. Substituted items may not be eligible for discounts and offers that were applicable to the original items in your DG Delivery order.

We blame the crossbar design, which runs front to back rather than side to side; this creates a lot of wobble from right to left, especially if the chair is not on perfectly even ground. Its base design is the same as for other variations, the Flexlite Camp Dreamer and Flexlite Camp Boss. After years of intermittently using the Renetto chair, one staffer said it has held up great.

I’m also the mom of two small guys whose stuff I have been hauling around in wagons since I began working on this guide three years ago (they’ve occasionally hopped in for a ride, too). I live in coastal California, where wagons are often the default way to move kids, beach gear, and even school equipment around the neighborhood. If you intend to use your wagon primarily at the beach, we recommend the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Cart.

The use of charcoal, along with the optional Outpost Grill attachment, makes the Y-series a competent barbecue. You can cook over wood as well, and the height of the grill surface is adjustable so you can keep clear of the flames. We appreciated the adjustable legs which raised the top of the fire pit up to 20 inches and made the grill surface easier to reach. The 15-inch body height allowed for more heat to be felt on our lower extremities. Once they were burning, we walked toward each pit until we could feel noticeable heat, then circled them to see how even the distribution was and how much it was affected by wind. We also looked at them through a Flir infrared camera to see if there were any concerning hot spots on the fire pits’ bodies.

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Weighing about 8 pounds, the Coleman chair is lighter than most traditional models, so it’s easier to grab from deep in a car trunk or to carry for long distances. Like others in its category, this chair comes with an over-the-shoulder carry bag, but some testers found it was light and compact enough to carry without the case. We found it to be the easiest full-sized, non-collapsible fire pit to carry. The addition of the handle also makes the Y-Series easy to flip over to dump out the ashes.