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Justin Krajeski is a former staff writer reporting on everyday carry at Wirecutter. Despite having metal hinges, the Polarspex Polarized Classic Sunglasses were squeaky to open and close. The Sunski Dipsea are made with recycled plastic, which we like; unfortunately, they were uncomfortable. The Sungait Oversized Vintage Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses had a peculiar shape and were too big for serious consideration.

These sunglasses are lightweight, they provide lots of coverage, and as with most of the aviators we tested, the nose pads are adjustable, so the glasses can better fit your face. The only aviators our panelists liked more than the J+S Classic Aviator pair were the Kent Wang sunglasses, and which cost nearly three times as much. All of our panelists found the Kent Wang Keyhole sunglasses comfortable, and they were the ones I kept reaching for even after testing finished.

Of all the sunglasses we tested, the polarized Luenx Aviator Sunglasses felt the cheapest (while actually being on the pricier side), and we worried about breaking them after just a bit of light use. Everyone who tested the Knockaround Mile Highs said the lenses drooped too low and made them look as if they were trying to cover bags under their eyes. The ZeroUV C822 and ZeroUV C828 cat-eye sunglasses are a good buy for the price; they were pretty comfortable, and they seemed well made. Even so, the design on both was a little outlandish for most of our panel testers.

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One of our testers, who is Asian, found that the Keyholes were especially comfortable and good-looking on her low-bridge nose. The glasses are also solidly constructed, with flexible spring hinges that produce a satisfying click when you fold and unfold the arms. The spring hinges on the Keyhole sunglasses allow a wider range of movement in the arms than the screw-bolt hinges on the cheaper Sungait pair (or any other round sunglasses we tested, all of which weren’t as flexible). And the Keyhole pair’s lightweight acetate body made these sunglasses easy to wear for even longer periods of time, too. You can find tons more options on the EyeBuyDirect website, too, in all shapes and sizes.

Our full list of servicing, repair and fitting options is shown above, along with the prices foreach. Travel on a European journey customized to your schedule and interests, where each day offers firsthand local insights and five-star accommodations. Our experienced, handpicked guides reveal a local’s daily life, informed by decades — if not a lifetime — of firsthand experience. A light e bike for lovers of purist designs who are looking for a stable bike with plenty of propulsion for asphalt, gravel and easy trails. With the RIOT AM FULL PARTY, you have a bike that withstands any descent. Additionally, thanks to its carbon frame, it’s easy to handle and robust enough due to perfectly matched components.

If you want to check how strong the solar radiation is in your particular area at any given time, you can consult online resources such as AccuWeather’s UV Index Forecast. The site provides a rating for your area from 0 to 10; the higher the number, the more dangerous the sun’s UV emissions are, kent road bike and the more precautions you should take to protect your eyes. All of the frames Goodr sells as “The OGs” are Wayfarer-style glasses, just in different frame and lens color combinations, and all should be equally good. The OGs come in a pouch that doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth.

In 2019, I judged 37 pairs of sunglasses over the course of a week, walking around Manhattan, reading outside coffee shops, and taking the subway. During my first round of testing, I was able to cut the list of contenders by a third, to 25 pairs. To ensure that we evaluated the fit and look of these sunglasses on a wide variety of faces, I then tested those 25 pairs with a panel of 13 people across gender and race at The New York Times building. If you have difficulty finding sunglasses that are big enough, Goodr sells a variant of The OGs called BFGs. Per Goodr, these glasses have “wider frames, longer arms, and bigger lenses than our OGs,” with an overall frame width of 146 mm and a temple length of 155 mm, notably longer than anything else we looked at. Although we didn’t test this version of The OGs, we still think it would be worth considering for someone who has a larger head and is looking for a Wayfarer-style pair.